First post!

Hi! I’m Jasmin.

This is my first ever blog post and, to be honest, I’ve been a little hesitant to start. Though many people have encouraged me and have shown support of the idea, I needed to make sure I felt ready to share such personal posts with everyone. I’ve been spending the past few months writing nearly every day, mostly in preparation for new posts (also because I love to write). I wanted a way to be able to share more of my story than I’ve ever shared before.

I was diagnosed with a rare, debilitating bone disease known as Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) when I was 5 1/2 years old. FOP causes my muscles and connective tissues to turn to bone, gradually creating a “second” immobilizing skeleton. This condition is painful, spontaneous, and progressive. There are less than 300 known cases in the United States and 800 worldwide.

Living with a serious illness is often challenging and frustrating, but I’m determined to not let it define who I am or stop me from achieving a goal or dream. I have a strong faith in God, a crazy love for cats, and a lot of positivity and joy in my heart.

I’m excited to finally make this blog public! It’s been on my mind for the longest time. Feel free to post a comment, share with a friend, or subscribe via email! xo

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Noodle & : > D)=

I love that you are blogging, I love your blog (and its title) and I love you. Your spirit, intelligence and artistry continue to be a gift to us all. Thank you, Jasmin, for your courage and willingness to share that gift via this medium, where who knows how many others will benefit from your great wisdom, your unique experiences and your sparkling spirit.

Jasmin Floyd

Noodle! Thank you so much :) I love you, too!! xoxo


Well done Jasmin! Love the title of your blog and will be a faithful reader. Its time the world got to know SUCH a special person.

Jasmin Floyd

Thank you so much!!


It takes a lot of courage to share your story. It’s an honor to know you & your mom.

Jasmin Floyd

Thank you :)