23 Years

This list highlights 23 things (lessons, realizations, self reminders, etc.) I’ve learned in 23 years in honor of my birthday on May 25th! I’ve seen other bloggers make posts similar to this and thought it’d be a unique way to acknowledge a birthday.

1. Be honest with yourself and with others. Share your story.

2. People will stare, but it’s usually out of curiosity or concern. Smile at them even if they don’t always smile back.

3. Life’s simplest moments are often the most beautiful: waking up early just to see the sunrise, listening to children playing outside, or watching an animal sleeping peacefully.

4. Not everyone is going to have the same opinions, beliefs, viewpoints, perspectives, music preferences, and interests as you, but that can still make for a beautiful friendship.

5. Allow yourself to be sad and have really bad days. Don’t put any expectations on yourself.

6. Traveling as independently as possible will help you grow as an individual. Do as much as you can while you can.

7. Comparing yourself to other people will only bring you unhappiness and other negative feelings. Acknowledging where you’re at in your life while also appreciating different lifestyles will help you enjoy yours more.

8. “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”¹ There’s always something to be thankful for — stay mindful of those things when you’re hurting.

9. Being fully present is so important, especially when you’re around people you care about. Enjoy moments, remember little details of conversations, get to know people better. Don’t let technology dictate your life.

10. There will always be at least one person in the world who has been in your exact position. You’re never truly alone in how you’re feeling.

11. Indulge in more hobbies that make you happy.

12. Family, blood related or not, is irreplaceable. Keep them close.Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 5.55.55 PM

13. You don’t have to pretend to like the same things or trends that people around you seem to like. (I tried so hard to fit in and be like everyone else growing up that I never really figured out who I was and what I liked until my later teenage years.)

14. Regarding friendships (or anything, really) — quality is greater than quantity.

15. Kittens and puppies have healing powers and make the world a better place.

16. Documenting each day with words and photos makes me happy; I love being able to look back on my life and appreciate how much or how little has changed. (If you’re this way, too, check out the Day One app!)

17. The event you’re looking forward to however many days away will eventually happen. Don’t get too caught up in wishing it was any sooner because you’ll miss out on your present.

18. Take time to hand-write letters to the people who matter most to you, especially those who have positively influenced you or changed your life in some way. (My favorite lesson learned in high school Civics.)

19. It’s not always possible to have someone physically there for support when you’re sick or not doing well, but it’s in these moments you’ll find the most inner strength and courage.

20. Your attitude and how you handle certain situations can make a difference in your life. A positive mindset and open mind go a long way.

21. Your dreams won’t come true until you find the courage to begin working towards them. Start somewhere.

22. Your body and/or limitations don’t define you.

23. Every single thing you’ve gone through has made you into the person you are today. Trust that you’re right where you need to be.

¹ quote by Albus Dumbledore / J. K. Rowling

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Jasmin I am overwhelemed by the honesty, beauty, wisdom and sincerity of your words. I have many years on you and it has taken me a lifetime to gain the wisdom that you possess while still in your youth. Such realization of the things that matter most in life and the awareness and importance of living in the present and making the most of each day, each moment to find the light, is a remarkable gift that you have and one that eludes so many. This can only come from a person that is the essence of what true beauty… Read more »
Cathee Antonetz

Happy Birthday Jasmin! Your Post is truly wonderful and I love that you shared this. I absorbed every one of your 23 highlights, the acknowledgments for your 23rd birthday, reflecting your deep inner confidence in the beauty of your life. You are a beautiful young woman, inside and out! I send you love and hugs, Cathee

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