How to Help

Thank you for your interest!!

Here’s how you could help with your donation:

  • If you’d like the money to go directly to my irrevocable special needs trust fund (used for things I need or something I want to experience), please visit my GoFundMe page.
  • If you’d like it to go to the International FOP Association (IFOPA) in honor of me, please visit their website. Your donation will help their incredible efforts to find a cure!

Can’t donate? No problem. Here are some other ideas :)

  • Hold a fundraiser like a bake sale, book sale, or a dress-down day!
  • Share this blog with anyone you know! It could be a good conversation starter.

Thank you again!

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Hi…..Jasmin.I just can’t express my feelings in words.i can’t believe that such diseases r there in the world.pls never give up and have hope.may god bless you..

Kim MIng Yap

Listen to this song ..

May it minister to you ..

Kim MIng Yap
Hi .. I am so sorry that you have to go through the pain since young on living with FOP. No one and yes i mean no MAN can help you yet there’s 1 who can .. yes. The LORD Jesus Himself. There is nothing impossible to God. Think for a moment and look around you. All you can see, taste, smell etc are all given freely by Him. If He can create the universe and every single creatures on earth .. what is man to Him. Get to know the Lord. Read this verse over and over again. Proverbs… Read more »
Kim MIng Yap

Please listen to this music ..