2015 Highlights

Happy New Year!! These were some of my favorite days of 2015.

1. June 13th – mini photo op with my Boston-area friends before we watched our favorite music duo, Karmin, open for Lindsey Stirling! So many laughs, photos, and inside jokes.

2. September 8th – had a good day where I felt more like myself following so many weeks of debilitating pain and discomfort. This was also shortly after a huge FOP research breakthrough! (Read about it here)

3. January 16th – meet & greet after the Danny Gokey concert (he was on American Idol season 8 and is now a Christian artist). This was one of the very few winter days where I was able to get out of the house and not get sick afterwards. Days like these help me feel relatively “normal.”

4. December 30th – reconnected with my best friend of approximately 17 years (since kindergarten). Like always, it felt like no time had passed!

5. June 22nd – spoke at the Travelers Championship PGA Tournament in Cromwell, CT! I had the incredible honor to share a little about FOP as well as my experiences at Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in Ashford, CT.

6. March 10th – reunited with one of my childhood friends and her friend to see Matthew West, Colton Dixon (American Idol season 11), and Mr. Talkbox in concert. We were able to get VIP seating with a meet & greet after the show, so it was a pretty great night!

7. March 20th – Next Step’s block party benefit in Cambridge, Massachusetts! Caught up with some of my favorite people and met amazing donors who support this nonprofit.

8. October 10th – spent part of the day at the San Diego Zoo during my trip to California!

9. July 25th – Taylor Swift concerts are an all-day adventure. It was an incredible day, though, and I’m thankful to have spent it with one of my best friends!

10. July 20th – Next Step’s annual Face Forward conference in Ashland, Massachusetts. It was a great four days getting to know other young adults with rare genetic diseases!

11. December 25th – I decided it was a priority to (try to) get some Christmas Day selfies with my cat, Prancer, of course. :)

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Impressive recount of your 2015 highlights and great pics. You are fortunate to have seen a star like Taylor Swift. Marilyn and I were thinking about going to see Adele and all her US concerts sold out in 2 hours!

Best wishes for 2016,



I love reading about your goings and comings. . You inspire me while I deal with my own “body adventures”. Keep moving and inspiring all of us.


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